MMA Glove Materials

Everything You Need To Know About MMA Gloves

For the majority of MMA’s existence, the gloves used in the sport have often been the same ones used in the likes of boxing. However, this has changed in recent years with many competitions insisting on the use of 4oz gloves, which is slightly different than the standard used by a typical boxer. Since then, this has led to the gloves being unofficially labeled MMA gloves, despite being used in many areas before this. This decision has ended up being a significant one, however, as it’s led to a rise in production of the gloves, thanks in large part to MMA’s increasing popularity.

For many people starting out in the field, either as a hobby or potential career, it’s led to a variety of questions about particular brands, materials and much more. Perhaps one of the most significant of these questions has been focused on what MMA gloves are made out of. While this may not seem like an important decision, it can make quite a considerable difference when in the ring. As a result, it’s something that many MMA enthusiasts need to consider.

What Are MMA Gloves Made Out Of?

When it comes to what materials MMA gloves are made of, there are two notable areas to look at; the exterior and the padding. Both of these can have quite a considerable impact on the comfort and use of the gloves; as such, both are worth a look at so that you can make the best decision for you.


This is perhaps the most common part of MMA gloves that people will consider, especially when they’re just starting out in the area. There are two notable choices between materials when it comes to the glove’s exterior; leather and synthetic leather. For the majority of enthusiasts, 100% leather has been the more popular option, thanks in large part to how durable it is. As such, it’s much more suited to long-term use and can put up with quite a considerable amount of wear and tear, which is especially appropriate considering what they’ll be used for.

While synthetic leather can also last quite a while, it may not be as long lasting as its counterpart. However, it’s also the more affordable option and offers a great alternative for anyone who may be uncomfortable using leather products. One of the other notable parts of Mixed Martial Art gloves exterior is the wrist strap; however, this typically only comes in Velcro to ensure that the gloves don’t come off when they’re in use.


While the majority of MMA gloves will be created using foam padding, there can be a few notable differences between different gloves. The most significant of these is whether or not the foam padding is layered. Furthermore, the number of layers in a glove can vary drastically between different brands and even different models. That being said, the choice between layered and non-layered may not be too significant of an issue.

This is because the most important issue at hand is how high-quality this foam is. The primary reason behind this is that the quality of the foam can have a considerable impact on your punches. Not only does it affect how forceful your punches are, but it can have a role in how much protection your hand has while you’re sparring or fighting. As such, this can be the more crucial decision behind what kind of padding you should choose when you’re buying gloves.

When it comes to choosing the best material for gloves, it can be somewhat of a personal decision. After all, the choice can have a considerable effect on the overall feel of the gloves, as well as how comfortable you feel when using them. As such, it can demand quite a significant amount of thought. With that in mind, you should test out each of the different materials to see which suits you best. This shouldn’t be the only factor in which gloves you choose, although it can be quite a large one.

Furthermore, the type of materials you prefer may also change over time, which can affect whether you have a preference for any of the materials. Because of that, testing out a variety of different gloves is highly recommended.