Teaching Children Mixed Martial Arts

by Master Waki on September 24, 2008

Two students, both eight year olds, sparring full contact in the cage

Two students, both eight year olds, sparring full contact in the cage

The one thing I love about teaching kung fu, is the joy that I get from coaching young children. In the Master Waki MMA4KIDZ Program, children as young as six years old are taught how to properly punch, kick and elbow with full force. After they have mastered the basic strikes, they are then introduced to submission holds, like armbars, sleeperholds and heel hooks.

Many local karate and taekwondo clubs disapprove of our teachings, but that is because they are teaching ineffective moves to their students. Hearing from our kids, how they managed to put the class bully to sleep with a chokehold is what teaching is all about.

While other martial arts clubs will teach their kids how to point spar and break boards, at Master Waki’s, our kids learn how to fight full contact and break bones.

Two MasterWaki MMA4KIDZ students beating up a bully

Two-on-one Anti Bully program

One of Master Waki’s effective methods of combating bullies at school, is the Two-on-One Anti-Bully system. Students are encouraged to team up with their fellow MMA4KIDZ members to defeat any school yard bully. The safety in numbers theme is one of the biggest reasons why complaints of bullies, have dropped amongst our MMA4KIDZ members. Our classes regularly train for this type of scenario and is practised with fullcontact blows with the added safety of protective gear.

Physical injuries are high, but is very necessary in order to understand the reality of fighting on the street or in a cage. But children are very resilient and will bounce back very quickly, but still some parents want to keep their little babies wrapped up in cotton wool.
But that is the challenge I face as the Master of our school, to help educate both the parent and the child.

Tipene showing off his battle wounds

Tipene showing off his battle wounds from training

And to see that student grow from the foundation that I’ve set, is the joy of what teaching is all about.

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