Supremacy 2 MMA Fight Night Results

by Master Waki on March 9, 2009

The fights on Saturday night, saw of plenty of action which resulted in plenty of blood being spilt.

The results are as followed:

MMA Rules

Fight 12 Gareth Ealey (Strikeforce Canterbury) beat John Erskine (Academy of Combat Porrirua) via blood stoppage in rd 3

Fight 11 Rod McSwain (Strikeforce Auckland) beat Jamie Griffiths (Crolin Gracie) Via sub in rd 1

Fight 10 Daniel Hooker (Shooters Gym) beat Mike Taylor (fightshop) via sub in rd 1

Fight 9 Pat Crawley (Strikeforce Auckland) beat Cam Steer (Academy of Combat Christchurch) via decision

Fight 8 Brad Hendra (Lockdown) beat Ben Gorzeman (Strikeforce Canterbury) via submission

Fight 7 Steven Warby (Shooters Gym/Paulo Sorriso BJJ) beat Ramesh Naresh (Strikeforce Auckland) via KO in 3rd round

Fight 6 Tristan Hamer (Strikeforce Cantebury) beat Glen Le Couteur (Crolin Gracie) via corner throwing towel in 1st round

Xtreme Thai Rules

Fight 5 Justin Reti (Strikeforce Auckland) beat Tony Schollom (ETK) via Split decision

MMA Rules

Fight 4 Adam Calver (Fightshop) beat Edwin Nakia (Strikeforce Auckland) via ref stoppage in rd 3

Fight 3 Scott Lyons (Lockdown) Beat Craig Kolitevo (Paulo Sorriso BJJ) via TKO Ref Stoppage

Fight 2 George William (Crolin Gracie) beat Jamie Fifita (Strikeforce Auckland) via cut stoppage in 2nd round

Fight1 Joe Muir (East Side GNP)beat Vaughn Antonio(Fightshop) 1st round via TKO strikes from mount

Great show put on by the Strikeforce team, Karl and Aaron.

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