Get A Black Belt in 30 Days!!!

by Master Waki on September 6, 2008

Sick and tired of getting picked on??
Well….Don’t Be A Wimp!

Get your black belt with MASTER WAKI’S BLACK BELT PROGRAM

Let Me Show How I Can Transform You From a Nerd Into a REAL FIGHTER In Just ONE WORKOUT a Day!

Take a good honest look at yourself! Are you proud of yourself – or are you satisfied to go through life being picked on at school, work or out on the town? No matter your size, sex or age, Training with Master Waki will bring out that inner fighting spirit deep within you and provide you with the abilities to DEFEAT Boxers, Muggers, Ninjas and TaeKwonDo Black Belts WITH EASE!


One day I discovered a secret that transformed me from a frightened little kid into “The Deadliest Man in Town”. What’s my secret? WAKIDO, my Fighting Method based on MMA techniques. Learn to Knock Out Ninjas, Choke Out Tae Kwon Do Black Belts or Ground’n’Pound Bullies with the ultimate of ease.

What You Will Learn…..

Powerful Punches

Lethal Elbows

Killer Knees

Knockout Kicks

Deadly Submissions

How Can I Get A Black Belt So Quickly? Is This A Scam?

No, not at all. A Black Belt does not make you an expert fighter, your skills do. In most Martial Art schools, a black belt will take 3-5 years to get. Why? Because those Martial Arts schools use it as an extra revenue earner. Paying 3 to 5 years of tuition and up to ten colour belt gradings = $$$$$$ for those school owners.

Master Waki’s 30 Day Black Belt Program covers all the tools necessary, to win in a one on one confrontation for a one time payment of $3000 or 30 easy payments of $150 each.

After completing Master Waki’s 30 Day Program, you will be rewarded a Black Belt and receive a Black Belt certificate signed by Master Waki himself.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all

The first 100 customers to sign up will receive a free set of boxing handwraps and a Wakido T-shirt. Plus every workout will make you STRONGER and LEANER ……SO WHY WAIT?


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