Free Double Passes to Supremacy 3 Cage Fighting

by Master Waki on July 18, 2009

The team from Strikeforce are promoting, Supremacy Cage Fighting 3, their third MMA event on Sat 25 July in Auckland.

To get more people to the event, Master Waki is giving away free double passes to everyone who books ten private lessons with him.                   

Scheduled to fight so far:
“Hot” Rod MacSwain 6W-1L (Strikeforce Auck) Vs
John “Red Devil” Erskine 5W-1L (Academy of Combat)
@ 80kgs

Pat “Luchidor” Crawley 3W-2L (Strikeforce Auck)Vs
Steve Warby 2W-0L (Fightercenter/Paulo Sorriso BJJ)

Sam “Striker” Brown (Strikeforce Auck) has been confirmed to fight
Jeff King(Penrith Elite)

Mark Creedy (Fightshop NZ) 1W-0L vs
Kevin Bently (Strikeforce Ack) 1W-0L

Daniel Hooker 2W-0L (Fightercenter) Vs
Adam Calver 1W-0L (Fightshop NZ)

Cam Steer 0W-4L (Academy of Combat) Vs
Ali Clarke novice (JR McGyver/Crolin Gracie NZ)

Joe Uele 1W-1L (Marcelo Lopez Gym) Vs
Vaughn Antonio 0W-1L (Fightshop NZ)

Danny Paw 1W-0L (Marcelo Lopes Gym) Vs
Julian Brown 1W-0 (Strikeforce Auck)

Byron Cowel 0W-1L (Fightercenter/GrondControl)vs
Shoneel Singh 0w-2L (Strikeforce Auck)
@ 75kgs

Richie Barnett (ETK) vs
Ricky Campbell (Strikeforce Auck)

Master Waki will also be there doing autograph signings. Come up and say hello.

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