Did I Say “Cage Fighting is Dangerous”?

by Master Waki on November 16, 2009

The much anticipated main event fight at Auckland’s Supremacy 4 show, between Eugene Bareman and Hot Rod McSwain, ended prematurely when Eugene unfortunately injured himself with the first kick of the fight. Hopefully Eugene will have a speedy recovery and both guys get to fight each other again.

At least Eugene didnt end up like these guys

Fight Results from Supremacy 4:

Muay Thai
Hayden Todd Strikeforec beat Yilang Chang via decision

Yakob Brown beat Byron Morgan
Rob Baxter beat Mark Scanlon via neck crank

Xtreme Muay Thai
Pati Ofoa beat Mark Schuster via decision

Kate Aroa beat Tash Chambers via rear choke in rd 1

Muay Thai
Pauli Lakai beat Hori Belas via decision

Xtreme Muay Thai
Blake Morunga beat ben Kelleher via decision

Supremacy NZ Lightweight Title
Daniel Hooker beat Adam Calver rd 1 via armbar

Supremacy NZ Welterweight title
Rod McSwain won when Eugene Bareman broke his leg with first kick of the fight

Supremacy NZ Heayweight title
Sam Brown beat Benji Kney

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