Another Auckland Afternoon of MMA Fights

by Master Waki on September 13, 2009


September 26th, is the date for the next ICNZ Mixed Martial Arts fight promotion. Held once again at the ABA stadium in Eden Terrace, get your tickets online before they sellout.

MMA Fights scheduled so far:    

64 kgs   Steven ISHII vs Kevin JANG
65 kgs   Belinda DUNNE vs Kate AROA
69 kgs   Tristan WATSON vs Jay JOHNSON
72 kgs   Mark ANDREW vs Johnny ORMSBY
76 kgs   Simo POSTINGS vs Josh NICHOLLS
78 kgs   Reweti MONTGOMERY vs Dave STEPHENSON
82 kgs   Ray ROBINSON vs Jack TEREI
85 kgs   Neil FOWLER vs Kemp SALMOND
87 kgs   Jacques MARSTERS vs Josh THOMPSON
91 kgs   Ben KELLEHER vs Nick DALY
95 kgs   Sam BALL vs Desmond O’CONOR
108 kgs Sean MORRIS vs Haupai PEACHEY
72 kgs   Tony SCHOLLUM vs Byron COWELL
78 kgs   Luke JUMEAU vs Andrew CRAVEN
Pro-Class   NZ vs AUSTRALIA
73.5 kgs   Ben ALDRIDGE vs Darren EDMONDS

Master Waki will be attending these fights and will be available for photos and autograph signings.

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