Best 2019 MMA Gloves Buying Guide

MMA gloves are an indispensable piece of equipment that any aspiring mix martial artist should have while training. Although they are not the smartest choice of training implement to be utilized in power punching, wearing them allows you to notice technical variances in sparring among grappling and striking. Gloves are fundamentally more hazardous in training compared to boxing gloves. They have lesser padding, are significantly smaller, and have more creases that could scrape your skin.

Any aspiring MMA athlete knows that having the best pair of gloves is crucial to safety and performance. As a fighter, it is important to have a few pairs of specialized gloves for every training area. Good gloves should match your training activities. While sparring gloves cannot substitute for good competition gloves, a pair of good competition gloves will also not be the smartest choice for your regular MMA training. Here are some of the best MMA gloves for 2019.

1. Venum Undisputed 2.0

The Venum Undisputed version 2.0 is one of the top MMA competition gloves available in the market today. It is made of Nappa leather material components and has a high-density stretching capability. It is of top-notch quality that any fighter could confidently wear inside the octagon. The layers of foam in the Venum Undisputed 2.0 gloves produce a natural curve in the hands providing best ergonomics and comfort.

Since it is made of Nappa leather, it might require a longer break-in period. It is equipped with long Velcro wrap technology to ensure secure wrist support. It is available in red, white, and black color combination and could be one of the best gloves you could choose for your serious MMA training.

2. Hayabusa Tokusha Regenesis

The Tokusha Regenesis gloves are included in the Hayabusa’s 40z top MMA competition gloves as featured in MMA Sentinel ( They are crafted with a pre-formed curve and an open thumb for perfect comfort and easy fit. The Tokusha Regenesis gloves come with XT2 or X-Static, an inner liner that is resistant to odor. Additionally, it has a very good wrist closure that uses the patented Dual-X wrist strap technology.

The outer part of the gloves is made from special leather called Vylar-2, a much tougher and stronger variant of leather. While the gloves are really great for heavy training, some users are discouraged by its price. But, it is important to note that the gloves are of high quality and premium training implements such as these are usually pricey.

3. Everlast MMA 7oz

The Everlast 7oz gloves are designed for training or striking. It features heavily curved padding in the knuckles area making it perfect for sparring. The added padding enables you to fight and train harder than what you usually do without having to worry of knocking out your sparring partner. Additionally, this pair from Everlast has more padding in the thumb area, putting special emphasis on that particular area of the hand that is usually prone to injury. When grappling, the added padding can help prevent injuries.

4. UFC Official Fight Gloves

The list of best 2019 MMA gloves will not be complete without the UFC Official Fight Gloves. The gloves are 4 ounces usually worn by fighters in official UFC fights. This pair of gloves is open thumbed and open-palmed to provide dexterity and freedom to the user especially during grappling. The UFC Official Fighting gloves are multi-layered and come with curves that are pre-formed to absorb shock and provide comfort during training sessions or fights.

5. Venum Challenger Gloves

The Venum Challenger mixed martial arts gloves are available in four varying styles and color combinations. You can have it in black and orange, black and white, two-toned black, and black and green. It is more slender and sleek looking compared to the Everlast gloves. This is the ideal pair of gloves for those who are more into grappling instead of striking.

In addition, the Venum Challenger gloves enable you to bombard even in small openings that you would not usually execute with bulkier gloves. When an opening for a hook or an uppercut is available, this pair of gloves will allow you to seize the opportunity. It also comes with an adequate amount of padding to enable you to spar and fight in full contact.