About Master Waki

Ever since Master Waki was young he wanted to be like Bruce Lee. So after a few years of watching Karate Kid, No Retreat No surrender, Bloodsport, Kickboxer, American Ninja and all of Bruce Lee’s and Jackie Chan’s movies, he decided to go to the Martial Arts Supply store in Queen St and buy himself a black belt.
Bruce Lee

But that still wasnt good enough for him, as there were a few taekwondo black belts at his high school who were crap fighters so he needed to be graded higher then them. He then decided to create his own style of Martial Arts called Wakido and he self promoted himself to Tenth Degree Black Belt. So at 16 yrs old wearing his ten red tabs on his black belt, he began to dominate the school yard with his backfist/side kick combo.

In his last year of high school he wanted to be a pro wrestler like Ravishing Rick Rude. But instead of encouraging him and telling him to practise acrobatics and take steroids, the school guidance counsellor shot down his dream and he ended up going to university instead.
Simply Ravishing!!

Instead of professional wrestling, he decided to use his extraordinary martial arts abilities as a stuntman on the set of Xena:Warrior Princess and the Legendary Journeys of Hercules. This turned out to be alot of fun and in the last ten years he has worked stunts on big movies such as Lord of the Rings, Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe as well as a whole lot of other tv shows, like The Power Rangers, that are shot in New Zealand.
It was always fun to get beat up by Xena

When Mixed Martial Arts(MMA)was introduced to NZ it was called by many different names(No Rules, No Holds Barred, Vale Tudo, Cage fighting , Ultimate fighting. The original fighters were only good at one thing. They were either only srikers who could punch on their feet or jiujitsu guys who cuddled their opponents on the ground.

Since Wakido is an all encompassing fighting art, Master Waki could use either his deadly shaolin techniques standing up or try his prowrestling figure4 leg locks or boston crabs on the ground to devastating effects. With this all round ability he obviously met with immediate success inside the full contact arena

Master Waki demonstrating Mawashigeri to the head of an opponent

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